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Property star has been managing our rental for a few years now, we can’t be more pleased with the customer service. They have always taken care of us and always inform us about any issues that arise. I highly recommend property star to anyone.
- Nickki T.

I have been working with Lola for number of years who manages my rental property in Tehachapi, so she capable to handle any day to day challenges that comes up either if its weather related or tenants requests for fixing something at the house.

I recommend to anybody who is looking for reliable property manager

- Jamal N.

My mother moved into a rental property that Lola Traylor managed last year, and we have been very fortunate to have Lola to help us with the whole process. She was always so friendly and courteous. From the beginning, we thought it would be a good fit, and Lola has been very helpful in solving any problems as they come up. She also showed me convenient ways to pay the rent online and submit maintenance requests. When there were maintenance issues, she was prompt in following up and sent in help when needed. If you are looking for someone to fill your real estate and property management needs, I would highly recommend Lola Traylor!
- Matthew S.

Lola and Property Star were able to find me a place to rent along providing the perfect location within a very short amount of time that completely fit my needs. Arrangements were made quickly with a well organized and streamlined approach to processing and responding to clients needs.

I highly recommend her services!

- Aaron H.

We have been renting from Lola since we moved here from across the country in 2013. We found the house online and arranged the entire thing remotely - suffice to say we were nervous about what we were going to get. The property was exactly as described and we were very impressed with how thorough and professional she was and continues to be. We majorly lucked out and have ended up staying in the same house since then.

Being newcomers to the area, it is especially nice that she has so many local contacts. In fact, we relied on Lola's recommendation for a realtor to explore the possibility of buying in the area. If we do not buy, we will prioritize finding another rental with Lola as the property manager.

I get the impression that Lola's high standards benefit both renters and landlords alike. If we do buy and need to relocate within a few years, we will definitely ask Lola to manage the property. She is fair, extremely direct (something I greatly appreciate), and does exactly what she says will in a short time frame. As an example of this, we were recently in the hospital with a sick child and my mom was watching my son at our house. She told us the heat was broken and I texted Lola saying it was an emergency and we couldn't get back ourselves. She had a repairman to the house within an hour. It ended up being a problem on our end, but we were so grateful for the peace of mind it brought and very appreciative for how quickly she responded.

Somewhat related, but we have also really liked all service personnel who have come by for repairs! She really does have the best local contacts.

Hands down, your safest bet for a property manager in town.

- Marisa L.

Lola has been my property manager for over four years and I couldn't ask for a better person to manage my property! She is extremely responsive and does an AMAZING job getting tenants. The house has never sat vacant for more than a couple weeks!
- Brian B.

So I am currently moved out of state and as much as I would have liked to put Lola in my pocket and take her with me to be my property manager in washington I can't but for anyone looking to rent or leave their property under management Lola is fantastic. Attentive to tenants and always makes sure her properties are taken care of. I can't stress how stress free renting is with her, you basically can't go wrong.
- Ryan C.

I can't praise Lola enough for the exemplary work that she does. She has been managing my properties for nearly two years, and has been able to respond to the needs of my tenants, as well as foresee problems that might arise. She has contacts in the area who can respond to issues right away, and always keeps on top of making sure the properties are well managed and the tenants happy. She's got great systems for keeping me informed, reporting that I need for tax reporting, income reporting, etc. She has been able to work with the odd financial issues that arise because the properties are actually owned by my IRA, not by me personally. I am very grateful for Lola and the support and vision she provides. She's simply the best!
- Deana G.

I have a number of properties in Tehachapi that Lola manages and have been extremely pleased with Lola's professionalism and concern to attend to details and going the extra mile. The tenants have been pleased with problems fixed promptly.

Highly recommend Lola

- Jonathan M.

Lola has been totally amazing! Very friendly and warm and also on top of everything. She answered all our questions, took care of our house's needs quickly, and did everything she could to make us very happy with our home. I highly recommend!
- Coco Y.

Lola has been very helpful. I contacted her about a townhouse in Golden Hills. She showed me the place, and offered to show other places as well. But I was sold on the townhouse. Moved in, there were a couple issues with the dishwasher and thermostat, she talked to owner, they bought a new dishwasher and thermostat for the townhouse. They also fixed a few other major maintenance issues. Overall, I am happy I went through her to find a place in Tehachapi. She is always pleasant and helpful.
- Dan S.

Excellent realtor!!! My son was looking for a rental and she was very kind. Thank you Lola!!!
- Coleen H.

I'm really new to all this and Lola herself explained her processes and what's worked for her. It's rare to find people who will take the time. And I trust her property management and work.

Please give her a call if you have a questions about property management in Tehachapi.

- Atwan K.

Lola Traylor is the Property Manager for the house I am currently renting. Being new to this area, Lola has been extremely instrumental to my transition. She has been responsive in immediately addressing any concerns and basic maintenance issues for this great home.

It is evident Lola is passionate about every facet of her role as Property Manager, as she holds the homeowner and tenant's best interest. It is a great pleasure to highly recommend Lola Traylor as Property Manager for a homeowner as well as prospective tenants seeking a new place to call home.

- Joli M.